Strategies For Local Marketing of your Business

Local Marketing of your Business

Local marketing at first sounds more like a traditional offline marketing strategy, but it’s also a digital marketing or online marketing strategy.

You can now promote your local small business, not only through traditional offline marketing but through online marketing strategies as well. Word of mouth used to be considered the only local marketing strategy in the old days. However, with the presence of the web, local marketing has come a long way.

Local marketing is a form of online marketing strategy that allows businesses to promote their business in the local region. It focuses on targeting the audience that resides locally within the district or town. However, the very first prerequisite of local marketing requires you to have a business website. If you have one, read ahead!

Here are some of the strategies for local marketing:

1. Focus On Local Business Listing

The first thing to achieve is getting your business listed in a local business listing like Google My Business, Angie’s List, Just Dial, or whatever online business listing is most popular in your region.

This is the easiest local marketing strategy to follow, and yet more than half of the business has failed to achieve this. You also don’t necessarily need a business website to get your business listed in a local business listing.

All you need to provide is your general business information like business name, address, contact number, directions, zip code, and link to your website (if any). You can also choose to add photos related to your business.

The best part is it is free to get your business listed on such listings. Some listings like Google My Business, Bing Places, and Apple Maps are good to get started with.

2. Optimize Your Website With Local SEO

Optimizing your website to make it to the top of research results is one thing. However, when it comes to optimizing it for local SEO, it means you have to include keywords that are used by your local audience when they search on the web.

  • To know which keywords the local audience is most searching for, you can take the help of free keyword research tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Trends.
  • Local keywords are generally the keywords that include the name of your locality and place.
  • Also, to target your local audience, your website should be responsive on mobile devices. As most local website traffic comes from mobile devices, it is essential to make your business website mobile-friendly.
  • Lastly, work on link building focused on local media like local newspaper links, blog sites etc.

3. Update Title Tags And Meta Description

This is another strategy to follow under local SEO.

The title tag is the 60 characters long headings you see on each of the search results displayed. Including local keywords in the title tag will be relevant for local SEO.

Similarly, the meta description is the content you find below each of the title tags. This best describes what the user can find on the respective webpage. This information at most times helps complete users to click through it, just improving the click-through rate.

Using the right local keywords in both these places can help your website appear on top of search engine results and be more visible to your local users.

4. Set Up Local Landing Pages

If your business is spread worldwide or at multiple locations, you should have dedicated landing pages for each location.

For instance, online casino sites that welcome offshore players have landing pages different for different countries. They would have a special local landing page for players of Japan, another for players from Australia, and so on.

Moreover, if it’s a restaurant business that has a chain of outlets situated in various states and regions, you can have different pages of different locations.

These pages shouldn’t include the general information of a business. It should also include the directions to the place, store hours, contact number of the specific outlet and other necessary details.

Also, the content on the page should include the words like ‘best’, ‘leading’, ‘reputed’ and the name of the area like ‘South Adelaide’, ‘Nashville’ etc.

5. Work On Social Media Pages

Social media marketing also helps a great deal in leveraging local marketing. Update each of your social media account information by adding local address, directions, contact number, opening hours to make it locally optimized.

You should also keep your social media account active by continuously posting about the business products, offers, ways to use them, user reviews, posting videos of other users using your product, and such. Try to engage with your local audience through online giveaways, instant discounts, and others.

Always tag your location in each of your social media posts to attract a local audience.

Lastly, do not forget to add social buttons to your website.

6. Sponsor Local Community Events

There are always some other local events happening in everyone’s locality like fairs, exhibitions, community programs, and others.

Be at the forefront and come forward to host and sponsor such events. You will be benefited from your brand’s visibility and exposure. Your local community people will become familiar with your business name and will be able to identify you better.

The local community can then search for you online, and finding an impressive online presence will only leverage your business’s identity.

7. Gather Reviews And Testimonials

Do not forget to ask your customers to give feedback. However, do so organically and not artificially.

Just give a polite reminder to rate their services online by sending them the instant link to the feedback. Ask them to follow you on social media handles if they feel right to do so. Also, don’t forget to reply to the negative reviews both find on your website or review websites.

Do all possible measures to turn any bad customer experience into a good one by providing them instant redemption.

However, that’s not all. There are various other strategies that you can adopt for local marketing of your business, and the best digital marketing agency can guide you better. Contact us today to learn more.


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