What’s Retargeting?

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You can think of retargeting as a way to follow up with customers who have looked at your products or services but didn’t make a purchase. Often people browse items online but don’t make a decision on their first visit. With Retargeting Ads Services Agency Chicago, Dallas, New York, they will later see ads for the product or service they looked at earlier, even while browsing other sites.

How does this work?

Retargeting uses cookies, small pieces of data about users stored by web browsers. These cookies allow ad networks to retarget shoppers by “reminding” them of items they previously looked at with ads, often on entirely different websites. For example, you might look at a blender on Amazon, then decide to think about it. 

The next day, you’re scrolling through Facebook and there’s an ad for that same blender, reminding you that you really do need a new one.

When considering the importance of retargeting, it’s a good idea to remember that only about 2% of users convert to buyers on their first visit to a website. So even if your advertising campaign is working hard to drive traffic to your site, with retargeting, you can remind people who visited of the items they looked at, increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Not surprisingly, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are leading platforms for retargeting. Your retargeting can be integrated into a larger PPC campaign, and you can target users based on behavior and context.