Pricing Structure​

One-time PPC Setup Fee


per Advertising

reduced fees provided
when advertising on
multiple platforms

Monthly PPC Management Fee


if your monthly ad
budget is up to $2,000;
otherwise, it’s 15% of
monthly ad cost.

Monthly SEO Fee

$375 | $575 | $875 

up to 5, 10, 25
page website 

PPC Campaign Audit


per Advertising

Landing Page Design

$500 to $900

depending on its

Advertising Platforms

Chicago Google Ads Marketing Agency PPC Management Fees

There are two parts of our PPC management cost structure:

  1. A One-Time Setup Fee that’s applied at the outset of the campaign, which covers the strategy and preparation work prior to a launch, and the actual implementation of campaign strategy.
  2. A Monthly PPC Management Fee that covers all of the optimization work our team does month in and month out to meet your campaign objectives.

SEO & PPC: Six-Month Commitment Applies

Our approach ensures that we use earned data to optimize and improve your reach over time at reasonable Apex Reach Pricing Structure. That’s why the best results take up to several months of optimization. Therefore, we require a commitment for a minimum of 6 months for SEO and PPC Management.