6 Actionable Tips To Improve PPC Performance Today

You might have heard of the massive potential that PPC campaigns hold. This is why you have developed a PPC advertising campaign for your own company. However, you might be a little disappointed with the return on investment from your PPC campaign. After all, you have heard several stories of the ROI being almost double of what you have invested, right? So why aren’t you getting the same results?

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The truth lies in some industry secrets that the best PPC advertising agencies either don’t know or don’t want you to know.. What are some of these secrets, and how are they going to improve your PPC performance? Let’s take a look at the top 6 actionable tips which you can use to optimize your PPC campaign today!

Incorporate Negative Keywords Into Your Campaign

Keywords are indeed the brick and mortar when it comes to a robust PPC campaign. But this does not hold for all keywords. This means that you might be shelling out a good deal of money for some keywords that are not related to your products and services at all.

What you can do instead is adding these underperforming keywords to negative keywords. Negative keywords will ensure that your PPC ad is not shown for these keywords, thus helping you save money and attracting only the ‘right’ target audiences.

But how do you understand the performance of a keyword? You can do so by taking a look at the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions you are receiving from the keyword.

Target Your Audience In The Right Manner

If you do not target your audience most efficiently and cost-effectively, then that’s half your efforts down the drain. The first and foremost way in which you can target your audience would be to understand the locations your customers are residing in. Once you have figured out the areas and locations that get the most amount of traction, you can increase your ad spending for those locations. On the flip side, you can also minimize your ad spending for those locations that do not drive conversions.

Similarly, you also need to look at the kind of devices your customers are using. This is important because the device that people use impacts the kind of searches they make. For instance, searches that are made on the mobile generally tend to be local queries. Optimizing your PPC campaign according to such device trends and patterns would enable you to get the most out of it.

Incorporate Dark Posting Into Your Campaign

You are probably spending heavily on your ads on Instagram and Facebook. But how do you ensure that these ads provide you with a good return on investment? Well, dark posting is the way to go!

But what exactly is dark posting? Dark posting is a strategy used by PPC advertising agencies where a social media ad appears in the newsfeed of your audiences, but it is not visible on your timeline. This means that your ads have the potential to go viral on social media in terms of comments, shares, and likes. The increase in social engagement will naturally result in a boost in traffic as well.

Create Relevant Ad Copies

It is not enough for you to incorporate keywords into your ad copies. You need to go beyond and keep them highly relevant and creative at the same time. This is why you need to test out various ad copies to figure out what works best with your customers. Using statistics and numbers is a proven way in which you can get your ad copy to work.

You can also craft your copy in such a way that it targets a specific user problem. This way, you will be able to get highly segmented customers to reach your landing page. But this does not mean that you keep your ads long and rambling. Messages that are short, simple, and to the point are more hard-hitting than lengthy messages.

You should also be creating several ad variations to be used across different platforms and devices. Including a clear and precise call to action as well as enabling site link extensions can also take your ads to the next level.

Up Your Landing Page Game

No matter how good your ad campaign is, it is ultimately the landing page that will seal the deal for your customers. As such, if you’ve got a weak and unresponsive landing page, then all of your PPC efforts are going to go kaput.

Think about it, if you have clicked on an ad in order to find out more about the price of a product, then would you like it if you had to click and click… and click until you find the right information? If this sounds familiar to you in your own PPC campaign, then you can bid goodbye to your customer then and there. This is why it is crucial for you to spend a good amount of time and effort creating a dedicated and customized landing page for your PPC campaign.

Switch To Manual Bidding Options

If you have been running a PPC campaign for more than a month, you will most likely have automated bidding solutions (such as Google Ads) in place for your campaign. While this is a more convenient option, automatic bidding, unfortunately, takes away all of the control that you can have with manual bidding.

If you’ve got the time and the resources to analyse your PPC campaign regularly, then it would be a good idea to switch to manual mode. However, if you do not regularly monitor your campaign manually, you might run the risk of either underbidding or overbidding. So be sure not to skip the monitoring step.

Your Turn

Merely putting a PPC campaign in place is not enough in this day and age. If you wish to remain competitive in the market, then you need to include these actionable tips into your campaign TODAY! Contact our PPC advertising agency today to learn how we can help you enhance the performance of your PPC campaign.

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